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Interested in attending a Service Academy??

Parents and Cadets,

USNSCC typically will reimburse you if you attend a summer program at one of the service academies.  There are age requirements for each and you have to get your own transportation to the academy.

You can attend these trainings BEFORE recruit training and it will count as an advanced training for that year.  Check it out here:


LTJG Michelle Novinger

2 thoughts on “Interested in attending a Service Academy??

  1. LTJG Michelle Novinger,

    I ran into your website about the service academies. My son got accepted to the 2017 USNA summer STEM program. He is also a Sea Cadet. Do you know if the USNSCC reimburse him for some or all the tuition cost for that summer camp? How does the program work and what are the steps to take?

    1. Sir,

      Yes. USNSCC should reimburse the cost of your training in full. However, the reimbursement cost must go through your unit commanding officer.


      LTJG Scott Novinger
      Operations Officer
      Flying Tigers Squadron

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