Summer Training

Camp Atterbury Training, Edinburg IN

Camp Atterbury Welcome Letter

Camp Atterbury Seabaglist

Recruit Training (RT – a.k.a “Boot Camp””) RT-IN-1701

  • Public Safety, Police/Master-At-Arms-Law Enforcement and Government Services (LEGS) PO-IN-1701
  • Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA) NP-IN-1701
  • Food Service, Culinary Arts FC-IN-1701

Freedom’s Foundation, Valley Forge, PA

Valley Forge Welcome Letter (1)

Valley Forge Sea bag list

Sea Cadet American Heritage Syllabus current

Sea Cadet American Heritage Schedule

  • Navy Shore, History And Heritage RL-PA-1701


Questions:  Please contact LTJG Scott Novinger